American Election Day 2016


White Evangelical Voter, May I Ask You Some Things?

On my way to the polls to exercise my privilege to cast a ballot, I was compelled to ask these questions of myself and others.  Brothers and Sisters in Christ and of America, please take a few moments to consider this inquiry :

1. Regarding the election of someone to the office of president in 2020, assuming that our God tarries, will we be asking one another to vote for the lesser of two evils that are of a greater evil than the ones we have to choose from in this election?
2. Will we continue to emphasize to one another that the party platforms are the best representatives of what we are being asked to support though neither nationally recognized party appears to have the power to accomplish much on their agenda?
3. Will it still be necessary for us to continue pressing the one issue voting idea in an effort to accomplish the right to life, as we have been doing to no avail since 1973?
4. Will we be continuing in 2020 to ask one another to support a government that allows for the systematic and brutal murder of human infants along with the demolition of the often little that remains of their mother’s usually fragile emotional and spiritual health?
5. In 2020, will we be suggesting that we continue to work for and to give our tax dollars to build up our present government in spite of the fact that a great portion is being used in obvious corruption of the weak and the young?
6. If there has been little to no change for the good, will we readily hand over our tax exempt statuses and our comfortable meeting places in protest of a corrupt power and out of a desire for reform or will we wait for that power to take them from us as it is growing ever larger and more toxic?
7. Will we have fully realized that the terms conservative and Christian as related to American politics are not interchangeable?
8. Will we comprehend that America is a relatively new albeit wonderful social experiment, essentially allowed by God, even founded on Biblical principle, but not necessarily consecrated by Him and that as such though it is absolutely right to be grateful for her and for the opportunity she provides  we must not cling to her as we do to our Father and to one another?
9. Will we realize while in no way demeaning Israel, that neither America nor the church is the new Israel? And that “church” is a term used to describe a group of specific people including representatives from every tribe and language and nation who have by His Sovereign Grace been united and are saved and being saved out of their former self-centeredness and are learning to become Christ-centered?
10. Will we know that though we are instructed to be thankful for and to contribute to peace wherever possible, and to be grateful for the miraculous opportunity to worship God and live out our Christian principals without conflict; that ultimately we are to embrace persecution as a blessing knowing that out of it we become more like Christ and that we are never to choose sin over persecution?
11. Will we recognize that we are not metaphors for something else but rather really exist within the true story of God’s Love, that first we are subjects of the kingdom of heaven to which we owe our allegiance, and that second we are temporarily stranded on a fallen earth and as a result we find ourselves to be citizens of the nation at the geographic location in which we reside? And that as such collectively we are known as the church and form a spiritual theocracy, and yet may find ourselves a part of a physical (as in bound to the earth) monarchy, democracy, dictatorship, representative republic, etc.? And that as such our primary loyalty is to our first citizenship and our subsequent loyalty is  to our earthly rulers, therefore when the two are in conflict it is mandated that we honor our primary citizenship?
12.  If the torturous murder of our own human babies is not enough to shake us from our apathy, will there ever be anything to do it?

Please know that I am the last person to suggest that all is simple and can be understood in terms of black and white. However, in God’s economy there remain a few non-negotiable positions.

I am hoping and praying that we will use our remaining days to ready ourselves to be all that God has intended for us to be. Thank you for allowing me to think out loud on your time.

Copyright 2016, L.L. Shelton