Coming To You

You were meant to have my heart.
No one can compete.
There’s no One can fake your part.

You are The Place
Where all is good, where I long to be.
Where truth is spoken

Always by choice;
Coercion’s no necessity.
There’s no need of force,
Where kindness is the rule.

Where I am you and you are me,
Where we are we, and
Everyone’s a fool
For You.

(1 Corinthians 1:25, 3:19-20)

Copyright 2016. L.L. Shelton Continue reading

God Rest The Queens

Mary and Elizabeth,
Both required to reign;
It appears that the two
Desired the same thing:
To believe as one will
Leaving all to God until
A harm is done another,
Then crown must interfere.

Despite the common interest
In their subjects well-being,
Brewed a never-ending tempest
Among those believing
The way of the right
Should be the crown’s achieving.
Pop sentiment in sight,
Tensions had to be relieving,

Cousins thrust into the tide
Of the crowd’s lustful screaming,
Lost decency as guide,
Sent sentiment careening
Round the curve of Mary’s neck.
Faithful dog at feet lay curled
In death would not reject
His beloved mistress hurled

Into the after-life.
Her end was her beginning,
Blade lifted her from strife,
In death she knew her winning.
Elizabeth remained to toil
With the issues of the earth
Eventually would meet the soil
Freed from position of her birth.

Copyright 2016.  L.L. Shelton.

Welcome To Perfect

(This one is for my beautiful young friend, Elizabeth Grace.)

Perfect is you.
Perfect is He who made you.
Perfect is you wanting to be new.
Perfect is Christ making you the who,
He desires for you to be,
Throughout eternity.
Perfect is you.

Copyright 2016. L.L. Shelton.

By His Grace Made Blind

In earth a cold harsh path
Had been mapped to feel my feet,
Carved especially for me the ruts,
Groove often ran most deep.

Residing in a violent storm
Black sludge encased my limbs,
Offering to smother me,
Yet He produced a hymn.

Attuned only to that song
Anchored firmly in my heart,
Shadows might have overtaken me.
But I was meant to whistle in the dark.

She says I tend to stir the soul
Unaware the spoon within my grasp,
Noticing too late the moments,
Tangled solidly within my clasp;

As a murderer stands heedless
To the blood upon his hands,
As a lover lies his passion spent,
Incognizant the thorns upon the land.

Oblivious to markers obvious,
Simply noted by an ordinary mind,
Mid-event I’m visionless,
Maybe I was by His Grace made blind.

Experience lies fixed I find,
Dwelling soundly in my being,
As I am rendered only feeling,
Sightless I am seeing.

Impetuous is flip side
Of spontaneously kind,
Fanciful a weakness
Until one must escape the time.

Copyright 2016. L.L. Shelton

Brief Thoughts On Marriage

To begin:  There is only ONE good reason for getting married and for having children, and it is:  Because GOD wants you to do it.  And if it is HE wanting you to do it; it is because He wants you to be a part of what HE is building. He wants you to be a part of illustrating HIS story to a watching world. God desires for you to be a part of LOVE as defined by Him.

Don’t allow yourself to enter these arenas, the building of marriage and family, at the persuasion of any other than God in Christ, or without reading His Word and getting whatever grasp upon this that your maturity and His patience allow to you. These are not institutions for the faint of heart and will never withstand the difficulties that come along with them unless built upon a proper foundation. Marriage and family belong to Him. They are His design and He has said that they must be structured upon Him, upon the principles set forth in His Word, to be successful.  And the terms for success in marriage must be and are determined by its Creator.

Maybe you have entered into these things lightly and without a proper amount of forethought. It is not too late. You must pray for GOD to make your partner willing and as He does this, the two of you begin (together in Christ) to tear down the old relationship and to start anew on the correct foundation. Seek out an older married couple in whom you see Christ (in other words, you observe them living together according to the principles set forth in The Bible for the living out of their shared faith). Approach them and directly ask for their active guidance and participation in your lives. If resources allow, find a Biblical counselor to assist you in building this new platform for your marriage.

Another issue may be that your partner remains unwilling to consider Christ. In this case, you must continue in earnest prayer, gentleness, and good will toward your spouse until such time as God releases you from the relationship, and you are free to start again; and this must be done with the greatest caution for two primary reasons.  The first is that you must try with all your will to NOT push your partner away from either yourself or God in the hope that the other will leave soon. This happens often in such a case and is regularly realized only when an experienced helper points out to the Christian in the marriage that this is indeed what that one is doing. The second reason is that you are quite liable to abandon the frying pan in favor of the fire, unless you have spent an adequate amount of time in the judicious study of Holy Scripture concerning the Way of Life of a Christian in order that you may more easily recognize a fraud should there be opportunity for a next time around.

Paul reminds us in a letter to the early church that it is better not to marry at all than to enter the covenant casually.  It is a choice open to the Christian to remain single and serve GOD fully from that position, rather than serving Him from the position of marriage.  However, for God’s saved child, there is no choice as to serve or not to serve, and if your heart is completely without reservation His own; you will be compelled to serve despite your finest efforts to the contrary.  (The difficulties and delights specifically associated with the Christian’s choice to remain single are beyond the scope of this short essay.)

In the end, I don’t wish to leave the impression that there are no joys associated with marriage but only trials, as that would be wholly untrue.  There are multiple blessings to be had within the marriage relationship- true friendship, God’s allowance to fully know and to be fully known by another human being- to completely relate to another person, children within God’s favor and under the protection of a legitimate bond.  I count it a great privilege to enjoy many of the wonders of marriage.

Now,  in this day of much confusion concerning marriage and family, I implore you to search God’s Word for yourself to find that these very things that I tell you are true. And may The Lord God of All bless your every effort!

Copyright 2016.  L.L. Shelton

Riddle-me Riddle-me-ree

If you put it in your pie hole,
If you breathe it in,
If you stuff it in an orifice,
Or place it on your skin,

You issue invitation
To substance to come tell,
Initiate intention
Between itself and cell.

Be sure you’ve thought about it
And thought about it well,
The formula for who you are
In cell does tell the tale.

Copyright 2016, L.L. Shelton

For The Difference

Mary Ainsworth and her strange invention:
Leaving no room for our intuition,
Consistently questions her good intention
To sort us into boxes,
Cause she failed to mention

There were only three
To divide society,
To classify the sea
Of diverse humanity.

The problem is blatant to a mathematician:
Variables are gathering awaiting his tuition
As differences are mounting demanding definition,
Running, roaming round,
Begging a technician.

Candace meant to shout.
Grown-ups only heard a whisper.
She struggled and she moaned,
Answered and went home.

How many dollars
Did they give her
To establish her report?
Justice can’t be served
Though she had her day in court.

Do you want to be born?
It was a loaded question,
Inspiring with finality
An end to the session.

Copyright 2014, L.L. Shelton