Parade of Waste

Our little girls:
Pile cake on the face,
Glitter in the hair,
We tell them they should stand
They’re looking pretty.

Then they’re tweens:
Wear thong ‘cross the bum,
Liner round the eyes,
We tell them they should lie
They’re Looking pretty.

Now they’re teens:
Guard the lives at the pool,
Washing cars
In their bikinis raising money
For the school.

They learn life
From fathers’ friends as they drool,
Hold them close
In their arm chairs on their knees,
There a tool.

When did they
Discover don’t want lives like
Their mothers’,
In their boxes feeling lonely,
There the fools?

Is as fresh as the garden
There worshipping the honey
They are cruel.

Can they be
Returned to state of pardon,
They’ve made off with the money.
Blessed Fools.

L.L. Shelton, Copyright 2016.

Beyond Reach

There are stars in the sky
Much too high for us to climb,
Do you know why?

There are diamonds in the ground
Much too deep for us to find,
Do you know why?

There are bright rays dancing ’round
Move too fast for us to grasp,
Do you know why?

There are fragrances so sweet
Yet not meant for us to eat,
Do you know why?

Then settle down and rest with me
As contentment must be
Our destiny.

Copyright 2017. L.L. Shelton.

Upon Finding Myself Lonely

If only I could converse long
Of tea parties and indulgences
Of shades and variations in fabrics
Of patterns round the rim of fragile glass,

If only I should speak more than a moment
On the new shopping ground
On the best luncheon spot
On who is coming and going,

If only I would be entertained
By tales of her pool’s cracked foundation
By tales of her housekeeper’s slacking
By tales of her recent vacation,

But, alas! I am bereft of these abilities,
For He has made me to think too hard
For He has made me to wonder too far
For He has made me too often to ask,

I’m sorry, what was it that you said?


Copyright 2014, L.L. Shelton

One Touch of Nature

Could it be that Hard Rock and Elaine
Would be one in the same,
But for the place where each
Grew weathered
And felt the effects of the game,

In the dark alley littered with trash
As on those streets with no name,
Or in those forests of green
Came of age
Beside the Camp Hall of Fame?

Each one stood for something innate,
A need to stand fierce for what’s true,
Holding tight to all that is right
The many to bless the few.

Copyright 2015.   L.L.  Shelton.

No Help Wanted

Something wicked
This way comes
It’s behind the shower curtain
Run run run

Something wicked
This way comes
It’s underneath the table
Run run run

Something wicked
This way comes
It’s crawling in the wall
Run run run

Something wicked
This way comes
It’s crouching round the door
Run run run

Something wicked
This way comes
It’s waiting to devour you
Run run run

Something righteous
This way comes
It’s holding up a mirror
Dumb dumb dumb

Something righteous
This way comes
Put your fingers in your ears
Hum hum hum

Copyright 2016. L.L. Shelton


Here am I.
I’m so confused.
Standing here wondering
What more have I to lose…

My only hope,
To comprehend
How this came to be
And the purpose in His hand.

I need to know.
My drug’s the clarity I seek.
When I find it for a moment
I can scarcely breathe;

Everything is slowed.
Whirlwind ride that’s killing me,
Brought to a pause and I
See Whom I believe.

Copyright 2016, L.L. Shelton

Binding Lessons

Grow! Grow!
You shouted,
As your fingers crushed
The delicate blossom.

Live! Live!
You screamed,
As your hands strangled
Away all the air.

Be glad! Be glad!
You insisted,
As your sneer wiped clean
A wisp of a smile.

Be light! Be light!
You demanded,
As your feet stomped out
Faint glow of embers.

Be full! Be full!
You commanded,
As your words emptied
Last crumbs from the bowl.

Copyright 2016, L.L. Shelton