They come to me in winter
In the experience of their discontent,
Longing for something,
Hoping for more…

I listen as they describe the cold,
As they experience their inner storm,
And I enter their longing,
Hoping with them…

Together we explore the frozen terrain.
We unearth treasure once buried
For its own protection.
Together we hike high mountains.
We breathe the air once disallowed
For various reasons.
We traverse valleys in the shadow.
We huddle, reassuring one another,
For all are in some need.

We watch with some trepidation
As the ice begins to thaw,
We tread carefully,
Lest we skate over some place
Where the ice is thin.
We peer into that thinning cautiously,
For we are unsure of what lies beneath,
As the day of winter’s onset
Has been lost to us.

Together we ask the difficult question.
Together we seek the harder answer.
Together we search the worlds,
Thinking, longing, hoping
For something more…

And as through veiled passages
We continue our observation,
Together we see the streams begin to flow.
We take note as the trees bud,
As the crocus pops through the metallic
Cloak above the ground.
We herald the tulips and the daffodils,
And sit in wonderment
At the arrival of spring.

Copyright 2017. L.L. Shelton.





Sign Sign Everywhere A Sign

A lame man picks up his mat and walks,
But it is Sunday.
Demons are cast out, sent into pigs,
But it is of the devil.
Tax collectors and whores are loved.
But they are filthy.
Maiden lives, blind man sees, mute speaks,
But again, it is of Satan.
A crippled hand is restored to use,
But again, it is the Sabbath.
A man is brought back from the dead,
But not soon enough.
A woman sacrifices her precious oils,
But the poor need money.
A sign is demanded of Him
But none is given, except for the sign of Jonah.

Copyright 2017. L.L. Shelton

As Good As It Gets

A blanket of darkness
Piled high and thick,
A shortage of oxygen
Always nearly sick,

Glanced up to see
Sunlight leaking through,
A crack in the black
Past the shadow of you,

Hugging slight hope
A place to belong,
Stepped into another
Stronghold unknown,

Dishonesty niavete
Eventually confessed,
Darkness dissuaded
A season blessed,

Daily drenched in His Word
Let go of my plight,
You stayed behind
Cloaked in plain sight,

Once more here we stand
Startled at evil,
Our heads in our hands
Credit The Deceiver.

Copyright 2017. L.L. Shelton.


He shows up on my doorstep
Shrouded in his pain
Shedding tears and wondering
At all the vicious things
He reads #metoo
He cares for two
Daily whose
Needs aren’t few
He turns
The gun

Copyright 2017.   L. L. Shelton.