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Gaslight Cocktail

You push the pills
Into her hand,
Desperate to make
Her understand.

As she is slowly
Drifting away,
Tell her how it is…
Tell her what to say.

She’ll wake up
To a brand new day,
Even less sure
Than she was yesterday.

Copyright 2014.   L.L. Shelton.

No Letting Go

This world is a scary place
Filled with people
Who don’t see your face,
And I have to wonder
How it is that you ask
Us to stay and ponder
What’s behind those masks?
When we grow weary,
Tired and sore,
Feeling certain
There is no more,
Again you prompt,
Telling us to give,
Reminding of our purpose,
Commanding that we live.

Copyright 2017.  L.L. Shelton.

Maybe Fair Is Fair

We are only human
didn’t you say so?
What did you expect that we
would do with our humanity,
maybe lay it down
in the deepest ground
when we had taken our last breath?
For most of us
leaves many hours
for messing up your finest
despite your power;
we are clay in our deepest parts
unable to save the day,
rather in our romance
only carried away
with ourselves.

But you are you
and in divinity
do bless us anyway.


Copyright 2017.  L.L. Shelton.

About That

She was born into a war
being waged in suburban America.

Its origins were untold.
Soldiers frequently forgot
on which side they had enlisted.
Skirmishes were frequent and furious.

The match had been on
at least these fifty years,
though battles were less often.
Sometimes there was a cease-fire.

Then came a loud lull…

She mistakenly believed
they were in a state of truce;
sent the watchman home and gave
the guard a well deserved night off.

Gigantic force
collided with her tired skull
before she knew the fight was back on,
and so made suddenly aware she sprang,

Crouched over her enraged,
certain she would survive the day.
A trusted voice she could hear calling
from far far away- it reached to her and,

Further injury was abated for now,
but as time would tell only to her face.

Copyright 2014.  L.L. Shelton.

Reality Girl

Back ta reality girl-
You on earth!
Dat whack
Diddin crack you skull-
You ain’t hurt!

Get up!
Getta move on!
What be da matta wid you?

Keep suckin
Dat pacifiah
Won’t matta din
Who da liah
Ness one ta come up
Behind ya
Gonna kill ya right where
Dey find ya

Get up!
Getta move on!
Da demons dey done found ya!

So let loose
Till ya satisfied!
Leave no one
Alive ta complain!
Livin be betta
Dan dyin!
Maybe one day
Gonna be no pain…

Copyright 2016. L.L. Shelton.

Don’t Close Your Eyes

Cleaning up for an honored guest
Always knew we loved you best
Floors are vacuumed
Windows dressed
My nerves are shot I must confess
They tell me you are packing these days
But I forgot I guess…
The big front door stands open wide
To welcome you inside.
Now who will clean up this mess?

Copyright 2017. L.L. Shelton.