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Old Dog

Sometimes you cling to me too tightly,
And I trip over you or I step on your paws.
Your emotionful eyes beseech me to understand
That you, like I, know that our time is limited
And I quickly forgive your often suffocating nearness,
As I turn to memory.

I recall the stormy evening when we met.
Remembering your trembling form so soft and small
Being lifted, transported,
Away from your mother, from your kind,
From the only world you’d ever known
To enter mine.

I recollect the attachment you sculpted with Pig.
I think on how you would bring Pig to me
Wanting me to squeeze the worn stuffed body,
And I would nearly swear,
You giggled to hear it oink;

Oh! The reason-defying ease with which you learned!
To sit, to stay, to fetch and to return…
And to be true.

I remember that you circled the children incessantly,
Demanding they play the part of the farm animals
You longingly wished to herd,
And that in spite of your God-ordained skill-set
You remained faithful to me,
Playing nursemaid to my bountiful blessings instead;

How you frolicked with them in the snow,
Appearing to laugh as they did
In joyous wonder at the crisp gentle beauty of it all,

How you achieved a particular sound,
An alarm you generated when your charges,
Ultimately my own,
Had managed to create a chaos
Beyond even your capable control,

How you played with your underlings
In the clear sparkling fresh water,
Rushing from a summer hose
On a scorching August afternoon,
Issuing your own set of commands…
Hoping to be included, to belong.

I recall how you rarely failed to greet me
And yes, to speak to me,
Immediately upon my return
From anywhere,
Where I had been was not your concern,
Your desire was to celebrate me home.

My affection for you is great, Old Dog,
Causing me to hope for you a soul,
But I know only that God made you,
And that He instructs me to be ever kind to you…
And that, Old Friend, comes easily.

Copyright 2011. L.L. Shelton.

Loss and Remembrance

Will these feelings swallow me whole,
Manage to drown my very soul?
Or will I find to my surprise
Somehow I don’t die inside?

How will I know when they have passed,
Left me here alone at last?
Will it be because I don’t remember
What you looked like last September?

Will I wake up and you won’t be,
That first sweet view in front of me?
And thought of you will not surround
My mind each evening as I lay down?

Copyright 2017. L.L. Shelton.


Abandoned in the forest glade,
Feeling hope was lost,
Laid me down on carpet green
To await the killing frost;

Discovered inadvertently,
Or was it destiny,
Your bread and crumb trail evidence.
Here you are, still with me.

Copyright 2017. L.L. Shelton

In My Rearview

You came to me
With a suspicious mind
Oh I hate that I was blind,
And there was nothing to confess.
We were only living
But you sold me short
And I never knew.
You pushed it hard until addressed,
Forced my gaze, begged me to see
That carefully buried part of me.

You came to me
With a suspicious mind
Oh I hate that I was blind,
And there was something to confess.
You were busy dying
But you sold me short
And I never knew.
You pushed it hard, finally stressed
Our back until it broke in two.
I don’t think I’ll be missing you.

Copyright 2017. L.L. Shelton.

Put Them Up Wet

This ground is hard
And the effort is piercing my soul,
Weaknesses rule,
One thing to be sure of control,
Take me home
And don’t spare the horses.

Exhausted heart
And I don’t want to run anymore,
Resources low,
Mind aches and bones are sore,
Take me home
And don’t spare the horses.

Copyright 2017. L.L. Shelton.

Home Bound

The glint that bounces off your eye-
The one to catch you by surprise,
Skipping briefly freely by,
Brilliant as if to justify
The sparkling shining painful show,
It hurts to look but you don’t go;
That gentle stir among the leaves-
Closest to you, brings the breeze,
Lacey fluttering dipping down,
Never touching low the ground
Brings comfort and a gentle tease,
Wraps round you with tender ease;
Indicate you’re not alone,
Love has come to visit home.

Copyright 2017. L.L. Shelton.