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You are kind,
Beyond all I conceive.
Often I am blind,
Yet you always see.
You keep me occupied
With all that pleases.
When I am weary,
On my knees,
You are there to comfort me.

Copyright 2017. L.L. Shelton.

Things I Leave Behind

A mountain towers over me
I curl into a pebble
Slip into the spring
Get lost along the bottom
Water crystal clear and cool
Seeks to cover me
There I rest.

A storm cloud gathers round me
I blend into the breeze
Slip between the trees
Get lost among the leaves
Raindrops large and fresh
Splatter round about me
There I rest.

A raging sea lies before me
I fold into a violent wave
Slip down to the sandy floor
Get lost between the grains
Silence quiet and still
Beckons me
There I rest.

Copyright 2017. L.L. Shelton.


Rahab Dear Rahab

Rahab Dear Rahab!
Your Story- joy brings!
Inspiring my soul to sing!

Beautifully illustrating
God’s power to bring
Those most low among us
To be leaders and kings.

Once harlot- now His!
Once Scarlett with sin,
Now white like the snow-
With soul fully cleansed!

You hid the spies
Of God’s chosen race;
God indeed freed you
And death you escaped.

Those you loved rescued
And because you told them,
Surely some realized
They owed all to Him.

How precious this perfect
Picture of Grace!
He chose and you sought Him;
He granted great faith.

Through all revealed to you
His Perfect Way,
He taught you to love
To trust and obey.

One spy was named Salmon,
To him you were wed,
Son, Boaz, came forth
From your wedding bed.

Boaz loved Ruth,
To her he was lead,
In Godly union
Brought forth Obed.

Obed fathered Jesse,
Who fathered a king.
Through David, Bathsheba,
Eternity rings!

We listen enraptured.
Good tidings! Great things!
Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior!
The Once-Always King!

Copyright 1992. L.L. Shelton.

The Battle Won

There is a mighty warrior;
Dark and fearsome is that one.
There is another Soldier;
Bright and shining as the sun.
One is just beginning-
The other all but done.
You must take heart Christian!
The battle has been won!
You have found forgiveness-
Go forward with The Son.

Copyright 1993. L.L. Shelton.


I prefer the sound of children laughing to unsoiled and shiny floor.

I prefer an open entry to an ever sealed-tight door.

I prefer those open hearts who share their thoughts with me to sitting down with silence- listening to empty.

I prefer to be alone but only moments at a time, then I converse with God- still not alone I find.

Often it seems hectic but in time I realize
there is an order to my life- people first and things behind.

Copyright  1993.  L.L. Shelton.

I Surrender

I would give my last wish
To see into your eyes
I would give this heart beat
To know what’s on your mind
I would give my best dream
To wake as your surprise
I would give up summer
To be wrapped in your sunrise
I would give all I’ve brought
To the table watch it lie
I would hear you say to me
To burn it we’ll get by
I would sing my last song
To sleep safely at your feet
I would give all I’ve fought
To recall that it is sweet
And I would give my last kiss
To remember it has value
And I know I would be grateful
To have you cultivate the fallow
And I know I’d be grateful
I’d be grateful.

Copyright  2017.  L.L. Shelton.


I will saturate myself with The Word of God.  I will present myself as a sponge surrendered to the pouring rain.  I will become drenched in The River of Life.  I will be fat upon it- though it is water.  It will ooze forth from my pores and all who come into contact with me will be aware of my strange condition. There will be some who are appalled, among them may be many of my own tribe.  They will encourage me to stay away from the water.  They will long for me to dry out. They will say leave it.  Let it be.  But I will not.  I will bathe in it.  I will long for it to be all I am.  It will flood me at my invitation.  And when I am alone- I will sing.  Because it is only an earthly illusion.  I am never alone.  I dwell with The King.

Copyright 2015.  L.L. Shelton.


If I ever leave you
And I am leaving still
It’ll only be because
You pushed me so
Hard down that hill
Couldn’t gather strength
To crawl up again

Couldn’t even speak
You couldn’t take my hand
I was so far from you
Where you threw me
Watched me land
Couldn’t help me up
Gather me to stand

And though you’ve
Done all that dying
Couldn’t find me in the dirt
I should thank you for trying
But I’m too busy being hurt
All those miles of lying
Left me far too alert.

Copyright 2016.   L.L. Shelton.

Water Of Life

Water Of Life
Will you plan to save me,
From water of death
Now here to remind me,
Of my mortality?
You knew I had not forgotten,
Was it really necessary?

Hard’s been here.
Precarious and perilous
I sit in each new day,
Hoping you will find me,
Renewing my safe place.
You knew that I felt hollow,
Yet this must be your grace.

Copyright 2017. L.L. Shelton

All Appears Undone

I’ve seen who you are
When you feel fully free,
When you’ve been permitted
And truth’s made plain to me.

Your lies they are confounding
And everywhere compounding,
Into mountains of pure rubbish
Yours to never publish.

Scavengers will discover
They’ll eat their fill and leave
Over you and me no cover
While our naked bodies bleed.

Copyright 2015.  L.L. Shelton.