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Everglades Shooter

Slowly rejoining the land of the living
I raise my weary head,
Acrid smell of smoke in the air
Seventeen lay dead,
I wonder what might happen if I slept for a week,
I keep a silent vigil from my bed.

L.L. Shelton. Copyright 2018.


She was a poet born to a strangler.
A female falconer,
She never knew when her life was in danger.
Eyes on the manger
She wandered earth’s offerings,
Perceiving its beauty;
Its many losses observing in crossing.
She cast her gaze skyward,
Cried out, and then softly
Surrendered herself to The One
Who’ll judge rightly.

Copyright 2017. L.L. Shelton.

Glory’s End

I don’t have you on a pedestal.
I fully acknowledge your fallen state.
I made the decision to love you
And never to turn you away.

All it would take for death to triumph
Would be for me not to see your face.
While perfection may be pretty,
In our case it can’t be a mandate.

All I want to know is
Who you are on the inside.
Flawless is not possible.
Surely in that light,

I’ll convince you to be real with me.
Please don’t make that sacrifice…
Don’t murder the good so probable,
As thoughts of glory end the fight.

Copyright 2011.   L.L. Shelton.


No words are befitting
In this circumstance,
Cold and lonely, empty space,
A result of happenstance?
Measuring rod of chaos,
Also in His hands abide
The plumb line of destruction,
The ruler and the slide.
As  per His instruction,
There is a battering ram
Positioned soundly at the gate,
If we can take the idol down
We must not hesitate.

Copyright 2017.  L.L. Shelton.

A Representation of Loss- Part 1

Jonathan! I’m so thankful.
Please text me. After all,
I pay for these phones.
Pieces of my heart walking
Around on their own…
I’ll never get used to it.

Your chest is still aching?
But you did see the doctor?
What did he do for you?
Delsym and a shot. A shot?
Stainless refrigerator…
Fingerprints everywhere.

Colorful kitchen encircling
Us- a family. Beautiful and
Changing continually,
Experiencing new growth
And pruning regularly…
Pleasantries spilling over.

Even the edges are lovely.
Stop that Jack! That was my idea
First! I was using the icing.
Someone grab the cat!
Love filling the fault lines…
Geniuses all- to my tinted eyes.

Tiny structures suitable
For Borrowers who may fancy
Icing on graham dwellings
Line the countertop with cheer,
Brass charger so shiny…
Who’ll take it home this year?

Nativity to Tasty Trump Tower,
Expressions we will later devour,
Internet votes soon to be counted,
Speculation amid laughter,
Grace running through us…
What could undo us?

Grabbing for jackets, hats,
Gloves to stay warm across town,
Treading through huge hugs,
I love you’s landing on grateful ears,
Front door opens for first to depart…
Ushers in a rushing dark.

Call 911! Oh God- our baby!
I think as I call while I pray and maybe
It’s something else- what?
I hear her say Jamie. I see him.
Son-in-Love! No! I plead don’t go…
Please don’t leave.

I know. I worked SICU. I can spot
Blue lips, blind eyes, soul departing
Earth for Everlasting Life.
Ambulance arrived. You’re too late,
I sighed. I whispered to his father…
We stood there alive.

Copyright 2018. L.L. Shelton.

Like Father, Like Son

Designed and engineered by He,
In whom universes generated,
At His command all came to be,
Consummate systems relegated,
Each to its place by Father God,
And Holy Ghost commemorating,
Messiah, Jesus Christ, The Son,
Worlds within worlds prognosticating,
Thoughts of all through lens of Him,
Meant to be contemplative,
Crafting love above all else,
We are meant to be creative.

Copyright 2017. L.L. Shelton.

Strange Relations

I can’t belong to you anymore,
And of this you don’t approve.
I’ve never been a separate person,
In your mind, it means you lose.

I can’t pretend my feelings,
Don’t conceal them well.
Your anger is compelling,
There’s no motivation, still.

Pleasing you- no longer my forte,
I am surely to pain bound..
But for heaven I am fit,
In His righteousness I’m found.

Copyright 2017.   L.L. Shelton.

13 Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why
Is really only one:
The darkness of the heart
Brings us to undone.
At that moment
Some look up
To find self in His eyes,
Capture worth and meaning
To face the next sunrise
With joy in His purpose,
For their precious lives.
Others look around,
Or even worse look down,
See only further night,
Can’t escape their plight,
End the way they started
In the dark and broken hearted.

Copyright 2018. L.L. Shelton.