A Neighborly Visit

Liquid pools of chocolate

Beckon me inside

Describing the infirmary

Wherein her soul resides.

She tells me of the shadows,

How she knows she’s one of them.

No one sees her fully

Though in brightest light be rimmed.


Then she speaks of trivialities

Common to the mortal set:

The door that won’t close properly

The dog that won’t forget

The birthday tea she hopes will be

A thrill to all attending

The door, again, she hopes to know

Her father will be mending…


I hugged her to my breast

Before I turned to go,

I felt a catch within my heart

That she spoke of shadows so…

Earthly circumstances bind her

To a chair and to a stage

Others passed through long ago,

With little effort turned the page.


Later as I walked toward home

Under darkening skies,

I glimpsed the Revelation

And it took me by surprise!

Amongst the heavenly choir

Was Julia and beside her

Were the lunatics and liars

And no hand had need to guide her.


Copyright, L.L. Shelton, 2011