David, My Brother

Today, our pastor, Cole Huffman, spoke to us utilizing Psalm 61 as his text.

A response:

Hear me. Amidst the cacophony within and without, I cannot always hear myself. Sometimes, I simply do not know what to say. My thoughts are jumbled, my mind distracted. My heart is aching. My body is wracked with pain. I am undone. But I believe that you will hear me.

Lead me. Apart from Your Power, I cannot lead myself. Though I am a peaceful shepherd, I am made to continually engage in Holy War, and I am called to lead others to Holy War in Your Name; yet I find it is not always easy to discern where it is that you wish for me to go, and worse, especially when I am fatigued, I am tempted to step where you have expressly forbidden me to place my foot. Yet I believe that you will lead me.

Let me. Allow me to be bathed in Your Presence. Permit me to be overwhelmed by Your Spirit. Grant that I be overcome by The Reality that is You. Allow me to believe that you will let me. And I believe that you will let me.

Increase Yourself. By the power of Your Spirit, Increase in me Your Self as you decrease my self in me. Through this chosen and surrendered vessel, remind others of the rich heritage we have in The Son. Yes! I believe you will increase Your Self in me.

I will. Then, I will tell others of the wondrous things that you have done. Then, I will share The Blessing that is You. Then, I will sing praises to you, and will continue in faithfulness. I believe that I will.

I believe that you will.

Copyright 2011, L.L. Shelton