Burning Alive

Evil like a cancer grows
Where it stops nobody knows,
ISIS twirling round and round
Floating above the higher ground,

Trailing wall climbing mound
Choking life where it may be found,
Breathing fire from down below,
Seething with rage of long ago.

Once Evil like a cancer grew
Where it would stop Winston knew,
NAZI stepping barely gave sound
Skipping round the higher ground,

Crossing border onward bound
Snuffing life where life was found,
Seething with rage from down below,
Breathing fire of long ago.

Against the evil Churchill stood
Prepared to shed his very blood.
Blood of the English in rivulets ran
Begging the world as they made their stand!

Beneath the bombs British did pray
Beseeching us to join their fray.
Resisting as evil marched their way
In Righteousness shouting, “We seize the day!”

Copyright L. L. Shelton, 2/18/2015