Come Away

He calls

Each star by name

Yet all the while,

Reaches forth His hand

And claims, “My child!”

In him

To whom all space

And time belong,

Author of Eternity

Has sown

A hunger


In Him alone.

Seek me! Find me!

In You will I dwell!

Stir your passion;

Your Will fashion

There until,

No trace of rebel found,

In me fulfill

Promise granted

In the garden,

Now made real.

Crush his head!

He’ll merely strike your heel.

Faith and Reason

Be but brothers,

I propose,

As you study Master,

He’ll disclose

To you His mind,

Tis likely though

You’ll differ none

From one

Who long ago

Would witness

But His back and even so,

Did come away

Skin burned,

Hair white as snow.

Come away

To take your place

Among the stones,

Sweet memorial to Him

And Him alone.

Copyright 2014, L.L. Shelton