God Rest The Queens

Mary and Elizabeth,
Both required to reign;
It appears that the two
Desired the same thing:
To believe as one will
Leaving all to God until
A harm is done another,
Then crown must interfere.

Despite the common interest
In their subjects well-being,
Brewed a never-ending tempest
Among those believing
The way of the right
Should be the crown’s achieving.
Pop sentiment in sight,
Tensions had to be relieving,

Cousins thrust into the tide
Of the crowd’s lustful screaming,
Lost decency as guide,
Sent sentiment careening
Round the curve of Mary’s neck.
Faithful dog at feet lay curled
In death would not reject
His beloved mistress hurled

Into the after-life.
Her end was her beginning,
Blade lifted her from strife,
In death she knew her winning.
Elizabeth remained to toil
With the issues of the earth
Eventually would meet the soil
Freed from position of her birth.

Copyright 2016.  L.L. Shelton.