In Thanksgiving for the Gift

Plymouth RockTo The Christian Patriot:

Brothers! Raise your eyes and see
The plain great cost of your liberty!
Price t’was not paid in blood alone,
But laid in each foundation stone

That marks where pilgrim feet have trod
As onward toward the goal did plod
Eyes on the prize, His Word to prod,
To save, to keep thoughts up on God;

That marks where colonists did spend
The lives of sons and fellowmen
To stand opposed kinship with those
Who looked to king to end all woes,

Plymouth Rock

For kings of earth, in death’s repose
Must lay humanity exposed.
As sorrows deeply interposed
O’re ages spent and now disclosed,

Had taught that freedom’s sincere bent
Is anchored in the hearts He sent,
United in ideals perceived,
First rooted, in True Liberty;

Whose Author, though man may not know,
Stirs yearnings deep within the soul!
The Patron, though by most unseen,
Ignites in us eternal dream.

He makes of us who stand to sing,
Our anthem of the bold to bring,
His Song: Let Truth and Freedom Ring!
Decree no wrong- no abject thing!

He volunteered, did pledge to die
To lead the forward battle cry;
To end oppression, crush the head
Of him who’d leave mankind as dead!

America! For truly free,
A haven may you ever be!
Allow all those who disembark
To stand with us on this our Ark,

Behold Beloved Patriarch
Who keeps our foot from stifling dark!
Refuse we evermore to stand
With tyranny, offer our hand.

Instead its forces we disband!
Allow it never rule our land!
Oppression be our only foe;
Against such ever strike the blow!

©2010, L.L. Shelton