Rahab Dear Rahab

Rahab Dear Rahab!
Your Story- joy brings!
Inspiring my soul to sing!

Beautifully illustrating
God’s power to bring
Those most low among us
To be leaders and kings.

Once harlot- now His!
Once Scarlett with sin,
Now white like the snow-
With soul fully cleansed!

You hid the spies
Of God’s chosen race;
God indeed freed you
And death you escaped.

Those you loved rescued
And because you told them,
Surely some realized
They owed all to Him.

How precious this perfect
Picture of Grace!
He chose and you sought Him;
He granted great faith.

Through all revealed to you
His Perfect Way,
He taught you to love
To trust and obey.

One spy was named Salmon,
To him you were wed,
Son, Boaz, came forth
From your wedding bed.

Boaz loved Ruth,
To her he was lead,
In Godly union
Brought forth Obed.

Obed fathered Jesse,
Who fathered a king.
Through David, Bathsheba,
Eternity rings!

We listen enraptured.
Good tidings! Great things!
Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior!
The Once-Always King!

Copyright 1992. L.L. Shelton.