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From Mother-In-Love (Rhyme For Jamie)

I was your second mother,
Her arms held you first,
And every time I think this through
I think of you from birth;

I think of how she must have loved you,
Wrapped up in her arms,
Of how she must have felt each time
She kept you safe and warm.

I think of all she gave in hopes,
Your life would be sublime,
Of how she never dreamed there’d come
This awful space in time.

I long for her to know,
That I too loved you Dear,
That every time you came to me
I kept you very near;

For her to know I shared her love,
And now do share her pain,
My heart will ache until that day
We do hold you again.

L.L. Shelton, Copyright 2016.

Being Mortal

Faint grows the glass
And fainter still 
This glass will come to see,
Until that day
He only knows
When I will cease to be.

Thought of that day
Serves to inspire
I tremble at the moment,
In gentleness
My Only Hope
Learned upon His summit.

I’d not suppose 
Absent regret
My eyes to close in slumber,
Yet know as sure
On His return
I’ll open them in wonder.

Copyright 2016. L.L. Shelton.