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Upon Finding Myself Lonely

If only I could converse long
Of tea parties and indulgences
Of shades and variations in fabrics
Of patterns round the rim of fragile glass,

If only I should speak more than a moment
On the new shopping ground
On the best luncheon spot
On who is coming and going,

If only I would be entertained
By tales of her pool’s cracked foundation
By tales of her housekeeper’s slacking
By tales of her recent vacation,

But, alas! I am bereft of these abilities,
For He has made me to think too hard
For He has made me to wonder too far
For He has made me too often to ask,

I’m sorry, what was it that you said?


Copyright 2014, L.L. Shelton

The Cost of The Composition

It appears your world was too harsh,
To survive you were compelled to make a new one.
Being not God, there was no magic clay at your disposal,
No divine air to push into that dirt.
You did the only thing you knew;
You told yourself a new story,
One that made sense.

I watched as you constructed that fence,
To survive I was compelled to try to bring it down.
Being not God, I am astounded to have seen your careful path,
To a place where only you could go,
A place where only you would be.
I assumed you would be lonely.
I miss you so!

Copyright 2016. L.L. Shelton.