Who I Am

I have been pondering for some time on this subject. The title to the page was suggested with the site, as was the idea that I should display some biographical information. Of course, any of you who know me are aware that a request of this nature will suggest to me a pause for deeper consideration… and so the site has been up awhile as I have been attempting to formulate a thoughtful response.

Also, those of you who know me personally are aware that I am a dedicated wife and a homeschooling mother of seven. But this will be news to those readers with whom I am not acquainted. Our children range in age from twenty-three and graduated from college, to three and in the nursery. I genuinely love my friends and my family, and I attempt to live as a good citizen within my various societies, great and small. But… who am I?

I considered simply typing in my written testimony of salvation, self-published in nineteen ninety-four, but that seemed to be a bit of a cop out on the opportunity presented. I mean, only cyberspace people would actually arrange for this type of intimate assessment of one’s self, impose no deadline, and make available the medium for the world to observe the outcome. Maybe I should explore this inquiry- Who am I? – in depth, present a truly well contemplated answer…

First, a few words about who I was:  I was she who ate the fruit.  I was the blind beggar, unable to know what caused my foot to stumble.  I was the paralytic…  the woman at the well…  the leper…  the one overcome with fear of the storm.  I was the one with a dreaded disease.  I was the one sick and unable to heal myself-  or to find The One to heal me.  I was the one lost and alone with no knowledge of how to escape my personal hell on earth.  I was the one dead- unaware.

Then…  Jesus found me.  He revealed to me Himself, in all His loveliness, in all His purity, in all His perfection.  He showed me that He is The Way and The Truth and The Life, leading to Light and Love.   He displayed to me His generosity of Spirit, and His wisdom.  He made plain to me the will of The Father, which is His Holy Word.

And I became no one.  I am nothing.   Apart from my Savior, I have no good thing.  I…

I am hopefully dying a bit each day as He transforms my mind-my self into His mind-His self; molding me and making me the self He originally designed me to be, but whom I would never have embraced before He made me His own.

Who am I? I am His.

And the question ever begging to be asked is:  Who is He?