For the Church

His Radiant Bride

Is this she, made to give her precious son
To mouth of beast, small body now undone;
Calm, serene, stands to sing His Word, far flung
Strains echoing today pushed from her tongue?

Is this she, His forgiveness still doth seek
For enemies who plot to make her weak,
Heart gladdened, mind made strong, thoughts gathered round
The Throne while body slumps beneath the mound;

Who dipped in boiling oil, her mind took flight
As joined with You she hoped, conspired to write
The story, draw the picture that depicts
The Final Word above The Crucifix;

Whose persecutors mocked her, caused her frown,
When preaching loud her Lord and by them found,
Proposed to murder her such as The Crown,
She rallied, Will you hang me upside down?

‘Tis she! Who burneth brightly whilst she sings,
Truth, Love, Light, Beauty founded by her King,
Established for eternity her thoughts
To bring Him glory by His Word was bought.

‘Tis she! Who smells the smoke of ugly zeal
Yet marches forward carrying His Will.
She shudders not as gazing on that hill,
Knows where her Master’s passion leadeth still.

Her head she places squarely on the block,
Surrenders up her self, blood smattered frock.
Small price is paid. Forever with His flock!
She reigns eternally upon The Rock.

Her heart emboldened, empowered to feel,
Her mind enlightened by His plan to heal,
His people to redeem, selfishness kill,
She glories on marked with His Holy Seal;

His Good Love never failing to inspire
In her the most magnificent desire
To see Him face to face, behold her Sire.
Let God be true and every man a liar!

©2011, L.L. Shelton