You Can’t Legislate Morality and Other Fallacies

Does anyone else remember this catch phrase- you can’t legislate morality?  I heard it often.  I didn’t think about it as often.  I’m really thinking about it now.

America, not only can we legislate morality, but we do it everyday up there in DC, and in every voting booth around this country.  May  I submit to you that we’ve been a bit confused regarding the difference between morality and true spirituality?

Morality is a set of standards put forth, by which a society or an individual agrees to be governed.  Spirituality is something else altogether, it may imply a moral code, but only if that code is felt or believed to be necessary by the person possessing his spirituality.

Again, I urge that we Christians take our place in the governing of society wherever and whenever possible.  Of course, it is understood that we belong in church government and in the pulpits, but we belong everywhere!  We are to live in this world! We are not to be like those who take their places among the unbelievers, but we are to take our places among the unbelievers…our places.

True Christians have the opportunity to legislate morality in this nation.  Scripture makes it clear that while we cannot legislate true spirituality, we may be given the opportunity to legislate morality. We are America! As of today, we have that opportunity! This great and imperfect nation needs True Christian leadership at every level.  Let’s stop allowing the world to intimidate us, and get to work!

BTW- For those of you who read my posts consistently, there is no contradiction here.  You can love someone without wanting him to be your President (or your preacher).  And,  President Carter, no disrespect intended, according to Scripture, neither being black nor being a woman is being involved in a lifestyle that is declared by God in Scripture to be offensive to Himself.