Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously

Rain fell heavy on my way here,
My world felt harsh and bleak.
I thought I may not make it near,
That I could hear you speak.

I showed up chilled, was shivering,
You opened wide your door.
You lead me till my soul was stilled.
I rest as I’ve done before.

You know when it’s safe to touch me
And when not to stand so close,
And when to simply watch me,
That I’ll know I’m not alone.

See when the ground beneath me
Is all I have. Don’t get me wrong.
I’d like to give it up but
It’s the only place where I belong.

See the ghosts I’m haunted with,
Oh, speak to them for me!
I’ve been at war for too long.
God heal my memory.

Copyright 2015, L.L. Shelton