Divine Secrets

(This poem was originally written as a dedication to Buffie, Cindy, and Jill, and some time following came to be inclusive of my thoughts of Amber.  I have many lovely sisters in Christ, but these women, so close to me in age, life experience, shared values and ability to love, are my heart.)

In Him she will rise
In my darkest hour
Loving steadfastly
Filled with His power
Hopeful in sorrow
Faithful while wise
My new tomorrow
Shines from her eyes.

In Him she will rise
My brightest joy herald
Announcing His prize
His praises carol
Knowing He raises
Me to my place
His infinite mercy
Shines in her face.

Together we stand
Our hearts in our hands
Offering to share
What we know of I AM
Our honor is bound
Our courage is found
To be to each other
Jesus The Lamb.

Copyright 2014, L.L. Shelton